Madeleine Albright Calls America to the Mat

Madeleine Albright Calls America to the MatWhat a warrior! Now, we know that Mrs. Albright is not necessarily a hard-line evangelist, but, boy, she called it out recently.

I think we do that now at our own peril. Religion is instrumental in shaping ideas and policies. It’s an essential part of everyday life in a whole host of countries.

Can it get any more plain that that? You or I can say stuff like that all day long, but when Mrs. Albright calls it down on the mat, someone has GOT to listen.

Many believers from any religion know that personal spiritual beliefs are actually leading all nations, so why do our leaders continue to act as if there ever really was such a thing as separate of church and state?


Tolerance. Bah! What began as tolerance ended up throwing out any theological foundation for this country.

Regardless of that insurmountable obstacle (I will let somebody else debate it), read the article and give us your feed back!

Madeleine Albright


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