Jesus likes breakfast

“Jesus said to them, ‘Come and have breakfast.'”
John 21:12a

How wild is this situation?

Through all the fury and flurry from the previous weekend, the disciples did the only thing they knew they could. They went fishing.

I am sure that they needed some time to think.
“We just saw Jesus speaking to us after he was killed.”
“What does this mean?”
“What should we do?”
“Does he forgive me for denying Him?”

Then, they hear a voice from the shore. They realize it is the Lord and scramble to the shore as quickly as possible. I am sure that their hearts were pumping, expecting the next miraculous moment with the Lord.

Then he says an unlikely thing. “Come and have breakfast.”

Can you believe this?! Where did that come from?! I bet that even stopped them in their tracks from rushing him.

Instead of rushing headlong into the next phase of their ministry, it was like he was recommending taking a deep breath and refocusing the mind.

So, today, take a deep breath. Have breakfast and enjoy the morning with your Lord. Only then, when our minds are focused, rested and nourished will we be prepared for the next phase of our life!


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