Sonship I – Leading Questions

“Who Am I?”
“Why am I here?”

All people ask these questions throughout their life. You could even argue that these are the base motivating factor behind most actions that people take.

Christians even ask these questions. The difference about people of faith is they know that the answers lie with the Divine.

“Who am I?” can only be answered by God. Therefore the question then jumps to, “Well, who is God?” “Why am I here?” With the Divine, the question changes to, “God, what do you desire of me?”

(These questions are not separate questions but a line of reason that each person makes, but we will address that some other time.)

An interesting thought is this: who is being asked these questions? When a person asks “who am I”, they are obviously asking someone. Knowing innately that no other human can answer this question, the inquirer usually turns within. The only legitimate person they can ask is their creator.

“Who Am I”

The answer to these questions seem very complex, hard to understand, and unreachable. And they probably are, for those who do not believe in God. (Everything gets pretty complex when you take Him out of the equation!)

“Who am I” can be wrought with so many rational perils. Yet, the tone of the question is that of a child. It is the question that a 4 year old asks his parents.

It is the question of a son.

“Who Am I”

It has been said many times that to understand the purpose of a creation, simply ask the creator. This is true, yet we have distorted the understanding of this phrase.

The concept of creator has been for me that of a divine toy-maker, whittling marionettes for Christmas toys. That is one of the images that come to mind. The other is that of a set of clay encrusted hands at the potting wheel, aged with wisdom and precision.

Though these may be an accurate metaphors for the Creator of men, a recent revelation hit me. Forgive me if this sounds simple. It is. (The most profound revelations I have had of late have all been profoundly simple. I guess God has need of speaking to me in my native tongue: simplemindedness!)

“Who am I” is the question from a son to a father; not an inventor and a creation. A son is a creation of a father in a very real way.

The problem with the modern view of this ephemeral ‘creator’ is that of one far, distant and unknowable. I present for your consideration that this view is skewed.

I declare to you that when we turn to our ‘creator’ for understanding who we are, we are not asking a disconnected inventor. To ask a disconnected tinkerer who we are would be to receive a certain set of antiseptic answers.

But if we see that question as a question from a son to a father, then a new set of potential answers arises. A more tangible, loving set of answers present themselves. To know our purpose by asking a father is knowable. It is not unreachable.

“Who Is He”

The lost secrets and mysteries of the Christian walk are very simple. They are so simple that people overlook them.

To know who we are, we have to know that we are sons (or daughter).
We need to know what it means to be a son.
We need to know who our father is, because his DNA is in us.
We need to know what position we have as a son.
We need to know what trade our father is in, because it will be our trade.
We need to know the tendencies of our father, because they will be our tendencies.
When people know us, they will know our father.

This is true anywhere you look. If you are reading this, you are a son or daughter. Even if your family has been scattered by divorce (as my family has), you STILL obtain half of your DNA from each of your parents.

Your tendencies, actions, decisions, and both cute and ugly quirks most likely come from both of your parents. The best way to get to know yourself is to get to know your parents once again.

“Who Am I”

You are your father. You are in Him and He is in you. He knows where you came from. He knows where you are going. He knows your purpose.

To be able to listen as a son, receive as a son, and understand as a son, we need to understand what it is to BE a son.

As soon as we can understand what it means to be a son, we will know who we are because we will know who created us. We will know what Divine DNA we carry and what to expect because of it.

So, let us explore being the offspring of the Divine!


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