Sonship II – Love

There is often a huge disconnection between us and loving God. We have a tough time visualizing and experiencing it.

Often I think that is the case because we cannot compare or relate it to an earthly love. What I mean by that is that we are a generation of displaced families. Our generation has seen more divorces than ever before. Even though it had a much more significant social impact in the decades previous, the emotional impact is severe. For many people, trying to imagine a loving father is well-nigh impossible!

But, we must picture ourselves sons and daughters of a loving father. We must imagine this father caring for us, loving us, holding our hand and taking us to the park. We must imagine a loving father laughing and playing with us.

This is the love that the Father has for us. This is what He wants from us; endless summer Sundays in the park.

He doesn’t need us to take out the garbage, clean the attic, make dinner and so on.

Picture instead a family where the family is eating dinner together and all talking joyfully about their day. Imagine the family, each one loving and responsible, cleaning off the table together. Picture yourself, the son or daughter, taking the dishes while Dad takes out the trash and mom clears the table and puts the ingredients away. Each one happy, satisfied and looking around to make sure everything is taken care of.

This is the relationship that God wants with us.

The Father wants us chatting away with Him and breaking bread. The Father wants us to do the praying and tending to the Body while He takes out the trash and handles the increase. Each of us, Him and us, are happy, satisfied and looking around to make sure everything is taken care of.

We are looking to serve because we just overflow with love and joy and appreciation for our Divine Family.

That is the love of a Father and a son. There is much more than this to His love without a doubt. We could speak of the gifts He wishes to give and the things He wishes to do through us.

Instead, I have offered this illustration to begin to bridge the disconnect we have with loving God. The next time you wonder what loving God is like, start with the mental pictures above.

It will help loosen your imagination and open your mind to what He desires of us!


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