Florida Revival The Lakeland Center

Who would have thought that bringing the Florida Revival and Healing Outpouring to the Lakeland Center would work?!

Why would I say that?

On Sunday night, the revival was running ~3,000 people at the Auburndale Life Church in Auburndale, Florida. Even though they turned away hundreds of people, were you ask me if we should move to The Lakeland Center in Lakeland, Florida, seating 8,000 people, I would have said ‘absolutely not.’

Why? Because the fact that a) most people will not come out on a Monday night and b) what if all 3,000 people show up and the arena still looks empty?

Well, I went. I got in, barely.

The Lakeland Center was PACKED to the ceiling. Every seat was filled. Every parking spot was taken up.

You NEED to check this event out.

I really believe that it has nothing to do with the people on the stage, but the hearts of the people are hungry for a move.

Check out www.god.tv. I will be down there tonight again. Tomorrow I will be posting hotel locations if any of you are visiting.

Have a great night!

5 Responses to Florida Revival The Lakeland Center

  1. lily says:

    I am on my way to the revival tomorrow, May 1st, 2008. My husband and I are driving. We do not have a place to stay. All the hotels are sold out. We called the local churches asking if they knew of anyone willing to rent us a sleeping room, but as yet, no rooms. We went to the Brownesville revival many times…fifteen actually…and drove from Chicago.

    Here are a couple of tips for those of you who are planning to attend: Arrive early (we used to line up in Brownesville at 6AM…but we are maniacs and wanted to get up front. It doesn’t seem to me that the lines are forming as early…but it is early in the revival, and as it gets going, the lines will form earlier.

    Next, bring a chair on which to sit while you wait. Several hours is a long time to stand. Don’t forget sunscreen. The sun works overtime in Florida. Bring water and your music. It is a great time to prepare your heart, meet others and share the love of Christ.

    Hold us in prayer as we are standing in the gap for so many that are sick. We are expecting miracle healings for our loved ones. Also, pray that we bring the glory to our church and that it breaks out in full revival. thanks, lily

  2. Lily,

    Fortunately, The Lakeland Center is mostly indoors, even the places that lines would begin to form. More importantly, there is some seating room inside, so it is not crammed nearly as much as Brownsville was.

    But that won’t be the same for long!

    This weekend, sunscreen is desperately needed in that they will be moving to Tiger Town, which is an outdoor stadium for the Detroit/Lakeland Tigers to play in.

    And I am sorry about the hotel situation. I would put you up, but my space is a one bedroom apartment!

    I am usually in the altars worshipping, but I also carry my digital camera with me. Photos to post soon! Have a great one! And travel safe.

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  5. anne says:

    can you please tell me where you can email your prayer requests to.

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