Florida Revival and Worship Leader Roy Fields

Worship Leader Roy Fields has been the lead musician for the Florida Revival in Lakeland, Florida, and has delivered over-abundantly the best worship I have heard.

Worship Leader Roy Fields at the Florida RevivalAs a musician, Roy Fields is hugely talented. His gift for prophetic worship and the ability to lead the congregation is unmatched. With every service in Lakeland, Florida, whether at Ignited Church, Auburndale Life Church, The Lakeland Center, or Tiger Town stadium, Roy Fields have been able to lead us in.

Even tonight, at the Lakeland Center, as I watch on God.tv, Roy Fields is moving under the power of God in a mighty way, bringing a sweet spirit of worship into the arena.

He has served many of the men of God with his worship, such as RT Kendal and Jack Taylor, as well as here with Dr. Rodney Howard-Browne and his wife, Adonica.

Roy Fields, Dr. Rodney Howard-Browne and Adonica Browne in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

To learn more about Roy Fields, his wife Melanie Fields, his biography as a worship leader, or anything else, check out his ministry site at www.runwithfire.com.

Check out updates from the Florida Revival in Lakeland, Florida where Roy Fields is leading worship.


16 Responses to Florida Revival and Worship Leader Roy Fields

  1. mark says:

    Yeah he’s truly a one great worship leader and I can feel Gods presence on God TV evrytime he leads the worship, and amazingly for 3weeks he did not run out of voice, praise be to God!

  2. […] running smoothly, broadcasting as good as ever from the Lakeland Center in Lakeland, Florida with Roy Fields leading worship and Todd Bentley […]

  3. Derri Wilson says:

    Am blessed by his music. Hope we can buy CD’s soon.
    The whole Worship team plays wonderfully together.


  4. Roy’s website, http://www.runwithfire.com, in the “media room” page, says that his music will be coming soon.

    If you wanted, I can go by the ministry table here and see if I can place an order for you. I will let you know.

  5. sjaco says:

    Its a super and fresh worship anointing, specially I like Holy, that song sets me in the present of God.
    On our site we have a artickle too, about the great healing revival.

  6. Brother Roy,

    You know how to bring God out of the Heavens in Praise and Worship. We are in Dr. Perry Stones Ministry. Manna – Fest as he is teaching. In March the first week when he is Preaching he is different as the Anointing comes on him.

    He spoke Prophetic about the Anointing comeing on the earth and a person with
    tatoos and ear rings is who God was going to use as I pair phrase it.

    His Dad Fred Stone saw the vision from God on April 19 – 08 at the last minutes of the Mentoring School in Tn that Dr. Perry Stone put together for people like us for God is no respector of persons.

    We are taping into the Revival.

    Blessings to You and Yours,

    Ken & Cathy Zifer Sr. Dade City, Fl.

  7. Kathleen Crowe says:

    Roy, please thank all of your help there on the stage with you as well. I can’t tell you what a blessing you have been to myself and my family. We just got back from Lakeland, was with you for 3 nights…It was just awsome ! Hoping to pass on the fire in our church family as well. It was nice to meet you and have you sign our cd’s..it just makes everything about the trip much more personel,..THANK YOU ! We are anxious to get your new cd when it comes out this week….drove down from Marion, Ohio…God is so awsome and He is deffinately active in you and your life !Loved meeting your daughter too…take care and God Bless

  8. Greg Burke says:

    Hey Roy this is Greg Burke up in Elmira NY. I met you at Jerry’s church In Elmira. You told Me and a friend you’d take us to Rhode Island, but you didn’t work it Out. I need a favor bro and it depends on My wife’s life. She is terminally Ill with Scleroderma. PLEASE man get me to Florida. I drove down there in faith with some friends the week it was in Detroit stadium, she cant drive that far.( I waved to you before i went on stage that Sat night.) My wife has a 7 year old daughter, my step daughter, and my wife NEEDS TO BE HEALED. please tell me if you can help me out. Steve Smith told me he talked to you the other day and when he told me how well you are doing with cd sales, I was led to write this.
    Love In Him
    Gregory Burke


  9. Heidi Vogler says:

    Hey i’m writing from Australia – Mareeba and wanting to know the words and music for one of the beutiful, powerfully annointed songs you sang last night at the crusade. The words are ‘In the the realm of your pressence. . . . Holy, holy’ etc. If you could let me know i would love to use it in our church worship. Thankyou and God bless
    Remember you were born for such a time as this!

  10. Alison dolman says:

    Would love the words and music to the son “I Need You More” is there a C D with them on

  11. Darlene Peglau says:

    Dear Roy,
    I was working on my computer and put on GOD.TV hoping to find Christian music to listen to in the background. After a while, I noticed I was working slower and slower until I realized I just had to turn off my computer and give my full attention to the wonderfully anointed muic I was listening to.

    The anointing was so thick, I absolutely couldn’t do another thing until you were finished singing 2 hours later. Amazing. I love to hear you cry out to the Lord. You sing love songs to Him. It’s really beautiful. I’ve been listening to you at Lakeland since the middle of April. Thank you for loving the Lord so much and sharing that love with us.

    Yours in Christ,

  12. Janice says:

    Roy – I too have sat under your ministry here in Lakeland. One night so precious was the last Sunday night service at the civic center before the meetings moved to the airport. We were as close to the platform as we could get. Not on the floor but behind you on the first row of the balcany. The presense of God was so strong and your annointing was especially prevelent that night. Thank you for being open to God’s leading and following the annointing.

  13. Deirdre McGuirk says:

    Wow – the preaching you did the other night – wow! That’s ‘keeping it real’. God bless you and your minstry.

  14. Edie Shaw says:

    Hi Roy I have missed you on the television. You really Bless me Your singing brought Heaven down to earth it is amazing. I have missed not seeing you and Todd on the T.V. I am from N. Ireland and there is alot of rumours going about. I trust they are not ture. If they are please forgive us for not praying for protection for you all. I trust and pray that everything will be ok. I pray that God shut the mouths of the gossips and restore Todd. I trust you will continue to Praise God and that you will preach. I really have enjoyed your singing and preaching. I pray that God will richly Bless and anoint you for the work He has for you to kdo. Remember Your Blessed to be a Blessing.
    I praise God for people of God like yourself

  15. JANIA says:

    It is now end of March 2009 and I still cant get enough of Roys music..If you ever wanted to know what “annointed ” means ., listen to Roy sing..
    Miss ya Roy,, miss ya Todd.. praying for restoration of all things in your life Todd.. you were hand picked and you blessed my life during your ministry..Roy your worship is uncomparable..
    Come to chicago please!!!

  16. deepthi says:

    hi yesterday i watched god tv and required to reguestfor prayer for my family and my self very much for my health and i want to conceive its geting delaid please pray for us thank you so much

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