God Tv not showing the Florida Revival?

Did any see if God Tv (www.god.tv) was not showing the Florida Revival?

Since receiving an e-mail from Rory and Wendy stating that there was a profile update, I try to log in and cannot seem to get the correct page to view the Florida Revival.

Does anyone else have that problem?


7 Responses to God Tv not showing the Florida Revival?

  1. JP says:

    it’s on.

  2. JP says:

    MorningStar is down.

  3. joe says:

    yes same thing happened to me. Was wondering what was goi by on.

  4. Gnullet says:

    I saw the broadcast last night.

    But it’s only the american broadcast that broadcast the revival live. The rest send it at the same hours in the day as the revival goes on in Lakeland.

  5. Gnullet says:

    Btw. does anyone know if Rodney Howard-Browne, and his ministry is impacted by this revival.

    RHB is coming to Norway from the thirty-first of May for a big revival in Mjøndalshallen.

    I ask because i se that you are linking to his website under the term “revivalists”.

  6. JP,

    Are you saying that the MorningStar REVIVAL is down, or just their broadcast? If so, let me know so I can edit our information!

    Peace from lakeland, Florida, brothers and sisters!

    Also, Gnullet, Rodney Howard-Browne is a tried and true revivalist. If I knew him at all (which I don’t), he may say ‘its about time!’

    Did you know that his revivals also really took off under Carl Strader here in Lakeland, Florida in the ’90s? Carl is Stephen Strader’s father. Stephen Strader is pastor at Ignited Church, where Todd Bentley launched out of.

    Lakeland is an interesting hub for revivalists!

  7. Doris Wiess says:

    To: Gnullet Says (5-13-08) Rodney H. Browne is an anointed man of God. In 1995, at Meterie, La. revival, he stood in the isle of the church and called out my name and said, “FIRE”. There is not enough space here to describe how I was affected; however, I have never been the same since. I am still on fire for my Lord Jesus, and still playing piano and witnessing and will be 84 years old next month. (ps. we were wearing name tags.)

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