God Tv (god.tv) Running Florida Revival Smoothly

Rory and Wendy of God Tv (god.tv) have the Florida Revival running smoothly, broadcasting as good as ever from the Lakeland Center in Lakeland, Florida with Roy Fields leading worship and Todd Bentley speaking.

The link is: http://god.tv/florida.

2 Responses to God Tv (god.tv) Running Florida Revival Smoothly

  1. Billy & Libby Dalton says:

    Todd Bentley & Godtv,
    We just were able to find you and we have been hearing of the Lakeland Revival and
    praying for it. We were both touched in our bodies as we watched tonight and believe
    that we are healed in Jesus’ mighty NAME of bladder problems, erectile dystfunction and the flow of blood in the body. Also, I (Libby) have asked Jesus to touch my
    metabolism and readjust it to use the food properly that the fire of God might
    burn up that which is not of HIM and enlarge that which is of HIM. We rejoiced as the
    First Nation People came forth and honored what God is doing through you tonight.
    May you all continue to be blessed as you carry out HIS orders.

  2. Gonzalves ruyonza says:

    many thx for this!pse can you pray for me?my illness is muscural dystoraph!Jesus can heal me via you.thx

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