Prophet Bob Jones and The Florida Fires

Prophet Bob Jones arrived at the Florida Revival in Lakeland, Florida to deliver powerful, releasing prophetic words.

He was a huge encouragement to the revival, and brought significant confirmation. Bob Jones sat with Todd Bentley for what seemed like for hours, delivering the prophetic word, encouraging the ministry, discussing angels and angelic visitation, and pouring into the Body.

Prophet Bob Jones visit Lakeland, Florida with Todd Bentley for the Florida Revival and Healing OutpouringBob Jones is a prophet from the prophetic movement in the early part of the century. His words have come to pass over the years. He runs with Rick Joyner of Morningstar Ministries, Bobby Conner, and used to run with a little-known prophet by the name of Augustine Alcala. (This was the man who mentored Terry Kruse from our ministry, Miracle Life Now, and prophesied to Mike Bickle about his ministry that became IHOP. He has now passed away to be with the Lord.)

Terry noted yesterday how profound it was that the Florida Healing Revival and fire of God was soaring throughout Florida to the world, and in conjunction with that, the forest fires in Florida are also tearing across the land.

Florida Forest Fires and the Fire of God in the Florida Healing RevivalCertainly, the forest fires are a trajedy, but we noted how much of a confirmation it was that both spiritual and natural fires were ablaze.

Stay tuned for more info! Also, let us know if you are interested in learning more about the Holy Spirit, the prophetic, or revival!

Watch the video of Prophet Bob Jones here.

7 Responses to Prophet Bob Jones and The Florida Fires

  1. Gary Offenberg says:

    Help me out. This article says that Jones runs with Augustine Alcala. Is that man alive? As far as i know he died many many years ago, but i hope i’m wrong, because that prophet rocked.

  2. Gary Offenberg says:

    I mean, the reason Alcala isnt known on earth as much as bob jones etc. is tha he died before internet took off and everything.

  3. Gary,

    Right you are! My apologies for the mistake! I am changing it now to reflect that, yes, Augustine passed away many years ago.

    He significantly affected my mentor’s life, and thus, indirectly impacted me greatly. I did not have the fortune of knowing him before he died.

    But thank you again for pointing out the mistake. I am taking care of it now.

  4. KELVIN says:

    i like bobjones and other prophet can anyone help connect me with him i need to learn from him so much propheticagent@y.

  5. i would like to the what is the stand of the church regarding joing the military ie of saying an oath that makes a soldier more loyal to the military and sometimes may compromise his faith in carrying out his duties

  6. Steve Dobbs says:

    Regarding joining the military search the gospels and some Roman soldiers asked Jesus the same qu. He told them not to extort money from civilians.

  7. Jim Frazee says:

    I am writing to ask for prayer! I can’t stand living the way that I’m living and really want to change. Would you be willing to pray & help me to really find
    Christ as the center of my life!! I really want to know Him & to live for Him. Thank you for your prayer!!

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