Geraldo Rivera, Todd Bentley, and the Lakeland Revival

Geraldo Rivera interviewed Todd Bentley on Fox News about the Florida Revival in Lakeland, Florida

Todd Bentley was recently interviewed by Geraldo Rivera on Fox News about the Florida Revival in Lakeland, Florida.

I was very impressed at the way Todd replied to the questions put to him about offering doctor-verified evidence of healings, accountability for his finances and such.

Geraldo offered that if Todd were to produce evidence of healings and integrity on the finances that he would get behind Todd Bentley, Fresh Fire ministries, and the Florida Outpouring.

Here is the video:

It was a powerful interview.

Also, last night Todd mentioned that he saw the glory, liquid, honey cloud of God’s presence. I love this description of what God is doing.

Finally, here is a letter Todd Bentley wrote the critics of the revival. The tone is positive and the theology is fairly strong.

10 Responses to Geraldo Rivera, Todd Bentley, and the Lakeland Revival

  1. duke says:

    Peace be with the reader.

    The harvest is ripe the time has come.

    The Faithful Witness

  2. […] Geraldo Rivera, en känd amerikansk journalist, har intervjuat Bentley. :::Se repotaget här::: […]

  3. Dave Carrol says:

    I thought that went incredibly well!

  4. Irma says:

    It isn’t surprising that the man will be labeled as he is a fake, but Christ is not, and Todd Bentley has never claimed that is he (bentley), the one who has the power to heal. That is something that the media has twisted -as always- to create a deceiving notion of what it really is, and let me tell you, that with God on Todd’s side is more than enough.

  5. Manny says:

    You censored Geraldo’s rebuttal. Very crass for a website. Im not at all impressed; it is very deceptive. Kinds reminds me of someone…oh yeah: satan.

  6. Actually, Manny, that is the video in its entirety. Now, whoever posted it on YouTube may have censored it, and I am sure that should be addressed.

    But I would appreciate it if you, or anyone, with criticism would at least PRETEND to act in a spirit of love. Those who don’t remind me of someone…oh yeah; satan.

  7. For the record, to the rest of our readers, all opinions are certainly welcome. If there have been comments of yours that have not been posted, it is because our team felt that it was not in an edifying spirit.

    We know that the Florida Revival in Lakeland is not God’s Gift to Mankind. We know that because it is run by people, it is fallible. Lots of things are. But to zero in on these things is to limit the view of what God IS doing.

    Likewise, I am sure that God is moving in each and every one of your lives. I believe that. For me to go through your life and pick out your sins of the past, your current hidden sins (from lust to worry to doubt), or any future potential for sin would do no good. Should it disqualify you from being used by God? Certainly not.

    Just because the ministers with Fresh Fire are on camera does not mean that God has a different measuring stick for them. God uses the same measuring stick for them as He does you; the blood of Jesus.

    God will take you, goofiness and all. He will also take Todd, Roy, David T., or anyone else, goofiness and all.

    Please consider this as you consider posting comments. Thank you.

  8. This is an amazing video post 🙂

  9. Pray for Todd Bentley! Don’t make a website about him!

  10. Sid Roth says:

    A nice video. God is with us all the time.

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