Andrew Phillips and Jillian Roberts Leads Worship

After day 100, the ministry team with Fresh Fire definitely needed some R & R. As the Florida Revival in Lakeland continues, Todd Bentley has taken some time off. Roy Fields has also had powerful stand-ins.

Andrew Phillips and Jillian Roberts led worship Thursday at the morning service at Ignited Church. Then, they both assisted during the evening service. From there, worship leader Jillian Roberts went on to lead worship at the morning service.

You can check out some of the worship here. (Go to this link. Then select July 10th.) Please be praying for the ministry team at Fresh Fire to be renewed in Christ, as well as for direction that the revival should take.

ALSO, as a note, revival has begun in the local area as well. At City Church of Tampa in Brandon, Florida, just a half-hour drive from Lakeland, revival has begun. Pastor Kent Davis brought in Terry Kruse and there has been powerful visitation from God. A totally different flavor of revival from that in Lakeland, FL, the revival at City Church of Tampa has been profound with Financial Breakthroughs, Spiritualy Breakthroughs and so much more.

The services are just Thursdays and Sundays for now, but plan to extend. Check back for more!

3 Responses to Andrew Phillips and Jillian Roberts Leads Worship

  1. Hi

    today I received your flickr Link with the fotos from the lakeland center
    I visit the revival 2 times. The first time 12.5 – 18.5
    You have one fotos with Todd & the germans on the plattform.
    I am the man on the left side with my hand before my mouth.
    Do you have more fotos from this night in lakeland Center with the germans or me?
    God bless you.
    heiko from germany

  2. Thanks for the info. I would definitely bookmark this site. I need more info about the service.


  3. rockwell says:

    Keep up the good work, bookmarked and referred a few friends.

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