Florida Revival, Lakeland and Prophet Paul Cain

May 4, 2008

So, who is Prophet Paul Cain, and what does he have to do with the Florida Revival with Todd Bentley in Lakeland, Florida in 2008?

Prophet Paul Cain coming to the Florida Revival in Lakeland FloridaLast night, amid the miracles of God and healings, Todd Bentley announced that prophet Paul Cain was coming to Lakeland, the first night at Tiger Town Stadium, but also possibly coming to The Lakeland Center as well.

Some highlights of who prophet Paul Cain is:

  • At the age of 17, Paul began to hold citywide salvation and healing campaigns in tents, civic auditoriums and churches where supernatural and documented healings took place.
  • He became one of many revivalists during the “Healing Revival” which lasted from 1947 to 1958.
  • During the great healing revival, Paul’s ministry reached international proportions. In 1954, his manager purchased the world’s largest gospel tent from Jack Coe, having a capacity to hold 8,000 people. Paul toured the country, filling it with thousands wherever he went.

Prophet Paul Cain runs with other powerful men of God such as Oral Roberts, William Branham, O.L. Jaggers, A.A. Allen, T.L. Osborn, Jack Coe, and Franklin Hall.

Paul Cain prophesied that the day would come that American believers would fill stadiums across the land. Todd Bentley, Paul Cain, Stephen Strader of Ignited Church, and many others, believe that The Florida Revival in Lakeland, Florida, especially at Tiger Town Stadium (Joker Marchant Stadium), is the beginning of the manifestation of that vision.

Expect Paul Cain tonight!


Florida Revival at Tiger Town in Lakeland

May 2, 2008

Tiger Town Stadium in Lakeland, FloridaTiger Town in Lakeland, Florida is destined for some craziness tonight!

The Florida Revival will move to Tiger Town stadium (also known as Joker Merchant Stadium) to hold the masses that are expected.

Every night of the revival so far, people are being healed. Last night I watched a lady in the back row, no one had even laid a hand on her and no one was really watching her, get up out of her wheel chair and walk.

Directions to Tiger Town Stadium in Lakeland, FL:

2301 Lakeland Hills Blvd
Lakeland, FL 33805
(863) 688-7911


Most of the hotels in Lakeland, Florida are booked. Search in Bartow, Florida, Plant City, Florida and Auburndale, Florida.

The one we found on the less expensive side for guests of mine was:

* approximate times

Davis Brothers Motor Lodge
1035 N Broadway Ave

Bartow, FL 33830

Get Directions
(863) 533-0711

Rooms started at $69 a night. Check it out!

Revival Notes:

People’s faith is growing. The miracles are getting more extreme. The revival is picking up steam! Last night Todd Bentley could hardly even preach.

And everyone is talking about it. In the Smoothie King where I get breakfast, the whole staff got in on the conversation. Though we all have questions and seek for what is genuine and what is true about these events, the important part is that we are seeking more of God.

Note about Joker Merchant Stadium:

Nuttyaboutsports.com says, “Joker Marchant Stadium was built on the site of a former World War II flight school. The stadium, which has been home to the Tigers since its opening in 1966, was named in honor of the late Joker Marchant, Lakeland’s former parks and recreation director.”

The history around the stadium is interesting indeed!

Florida Revival Media and Highlights

April 30, 2008

The Media is getting highly involved in this revival.

The Florida Revival media outbreak has been unprecedented. Between the Youtube.com user Swiftfiresharnael and Channel 10 News visiting, the message from Lakeland, Florida is that Revival is happening in Florida.

No matter what you may think of revival, Todd Bentley, or moves like this, one thing you cannot deny is that God is getting some major media play.

One of the media highlights of the evening was that a reporter with Channel 10 News came to the Lakeland Center to cover the Florida Revival story. She came up to the stage to testify that she came to the event sick with nausea. While in the bathroom, she heard Todd Bentley pray for healing and was immediately healed.

She then said that she had to run because she was going to cover the story on the 11 o’clock news! Again, no matter what you think of the people involved, Todd Bentley, Stephen Strader, their churches (Ignited Church in Lakeland, Florida and Fresh Fire Ministries in Canada), or even people in Polk County; God is doing something new.

Other highlights from the revival were:

  • Visiting preacher Bobby Conner preached
  • I got photos of a elderly woman being healed
  • They went until 1 a.m., praying for every single person who wanted to (6,000+!)
  • I was standing there as a girl received a healing with her ears
Having been brought up under evangelist Terry Kruse, who served Augustine Alcala and Bob Jones, I was used to healing services. The means may be unconventional, but hey! When did Jesus move conventionally?!

Florida Revival The Lakeland Center

April 29, 2008

Who would have thought that bringing the Florida Revival and Healing Outpouring to the Lakeland Center would work?!

Why would I say that?

On Sunday night, the revival was running ~3,000 people at the Auburndale Life Church in Auburndale, Florida. Even though they turned away hundreds of people, were you ask me if we should move to The Lakeland Center in Lakeland, Florida, seating 8,000 people, I would have said ‘absolutely not.’

Why? Because the fact that a) most people will not come out on a Monday night and b) what if all 3,000 people show up and the arena still looks empty?

Well, I went. I got in, barely.

The Lakeland Center was PACKED to the ceiling. Every seat was filled. Every parking spot was taken up.

You NEED to check this event out.

I really believe that it has nothing to do with the people on the stage, but the hearts of the people are hungry for a move.

Check out www.god.tv. I will be down there tonight again. Tomorrow I will be posting hotel locations if any of you are visiting.

Have a great night!

Holy Roller! – Revival in Lakeland, Florida

April 28, 2008

“Smoke filled the room!”

This was one of the powerful headlines written by Stephen Strader, the pastor of Ignited Church in Lakeland, Florida (where I am at) about the revival going on through his church.

Ignited Church recently brought in evangelist Todd Bently. Apparently, revival has broken out and is still rocking.

Upon returning from a trip to California, we found this charismatic movement still going. Having been brought up in the ministry under evangelist Terry Kruse, I was used to revival.

So, me and a few friends went to check it out. (This was about 2 weeks ago.) Then, it was running about 500+ people. The crowd was charged, but we got in with no problem.

It was a service like any other revival meeting. My only critique at the time was how cartoonish the leaders were. Healings and testimonies not withstanding, it all felt kinda “old-hat”. Been there. Done that.

The worship was amazing. The claims of healings were as inflamed as ever. The offering plate was passed as consistent as ever. We were definitely intrigued at the level of faith the people were exhibiting (based primarily on the testimonies going on around us, not necessarily in the altars), but we left around 11 p.m. when they started anointing the prayer cloths with olive oil.

A personal friend who went later testified that her knees were healed. And, 2 weeks later, the revival had jumped to 3,000 people and moved to a church that could hold the people.

Being the chasers of God that we were, my mentor, Terry Kruse and his wife Donna Kruse, booked a room to come and check it out. There was only 1 hotel room left in the whole city, so the revival was still selling out hotels!

Well, we got there early because reports were that there was a line. And a line there was! We waited from 5:30 p.m. until 7:30 p.m.

(Side Note: I PRAY that the people leading this revival read this. Here is my question: why on EARTH is it necessary to keep people waiting outside? If you open up the doors at 4:30 or 5, the people who wait all day would get their seats like they would if they waited outside. If you just open the doors early, there would be no line and no one would get trampled anyway. And the people you turn away, you could turn away hours earlier.

Can you help me understand this? I can’t think of another reason other than getting people to have mild levels of heat stroke so that they are calm as hindu cows when they get into revival.)

But I digress.

Well, we ended up 3 people from the door, when they locked us out and sent us packing. Terry and Donna and I got turned away.

(Side Note #2: How do you turn people away from revival? Why not just put speaker system outside? If people would wait in the sun for 2 hours, they would certainly wait around to hear the word of the Lord. What the heck?)

The last update we have had is that the revival is moving to The Lakeland Center. The seating is for 8,000, and the line should be INDOORS. This is a bonus.

Terry and Donna are set to come back in two weeks. I will try to go tonight and see how it is on a Monday night.

Sonship I – Leading Questions

November 13, 2007

“Who Am I?”
“Why am I here?”

All people ask these questions throughout their life. You could even argue that these are the base motivating factor behind most actions that people take.

Christians even ask these questions. The difference about people of faith is they know that the answers lie with the Divine.

“Who am I?” can only be answered by God. Therefore the question then jumps to, “Well, who is God?” “Why am I here?” With the Divine, the question changes to, “God, what do you desire of me?”

(These questions are not separate questions but a line of reason that each person makes, but we will address that some other time.)

An interesting thought is this: who is being asked these questions? When a person asks “who am I”, they are obviously asking someone. Knowing innately that no other human can answer this question, the inquirer usually turns within. The only legitimate person they can ask is their creator.

“Who Am I”

The answer to these questions seem very complex, hard to understand, and unreachable. And they probably are, for those who do not believe in God. (Everything gets pretty complex when you take Him out of the equation!)

“Who am I” can be wrought with so many rational perils. Yet, the tone of the question is that of a child. It is the question that a 4 year old asks his parents.

It is the question of a son.

“Who Am I”

It has been said many times that to understand the purpose of a creation, simply ask the creator. This is true, yet we have distorted the understanding of this phrase.

The concept of creator has been for me that of a divine toy-maker, whittling marionettes for Christmas toys. That is one of the images that come to mind. The other is that of a set of clay encrusted hands at the potting wheel, aged with wisdom and precision.

Though these may be an accurate metaphors for the Creator of men, a recent revelation hit me. Forgive me if this sounds simple. It is. (The most profound revelations I have had of late have all been profoundly simple. I guess God has need of speaking to me in my native tongue: simplemindedness!)

“Who am I” is the question from a son to a father; not an inventor and a creation. A son is a creation of a father in a very real way.

The problem with the modern view of this ephemeral ‘creator’ is that of one far, distant and unknowable. I present for your consideration that this view is skewed.

I declare to you that when we turn to our ‘creator’ for understanding who we are, we are not asking a disconnected inventor. To ask a disconnected tinkerer who we are would be to receive a certain set of antiseptic answers.

But if we see that question as a question from a son to a father, then a new set of potential answers arises. A more tangible, loving set of answers present themselves. To know our purpose by asking a father is knowable. It is not unreachable.

“Who Is He”

The lost secrets and mysteries of the Christian walk are very simple. They are so simple that people overlook them.

To know who we are, we have to know that we are sons (or daughter).
We need to know what it means to be a son.
We need to know who our father is, because his DNA is in us.
We need to know what position we have as a son.
We need to know what trade our father is in, because it will be our trade.
We need to know the tendencies of our father, because they will be our tendencies.
When people know us, they will know our father.

This is true anywhere you look. If you are reading this, you are a son or daughter. Even if your family has been scattered by divorce (as my family has), you STILL obtain half of your DNA from each of your parents.

Your tendencies, actions, decisions, and both cute and ugly quirks most likely come from both of your parents. The best way to get to know yourself is to get to know your parents once again.

“Who Am I”

You are your father. You are in Him and He is in you. He knows where you came from. He knows where you are going. He knows your purpose.

To be able to listen as a son, receive as a son, and understand as a son, we need to understand what it is to BE a son.

As soon as we can understand what it means to be a son, we will know who we are because we will know who created us. We will know what Divine DNA we carry and what to expect because of it.

So, let us explore being the offspring of the Divine!

Obedience Series

November 5, 2007

For the continuation of the Obedience series, tune into grantnieddu.blogspot.com.

I will be posting it there. Cheers!