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Florida Revival at Lakeland Linder Regional Airport Fri and Sat!

Florida Revival Photos and Pictures

Florida Revival and Worship Leader Roy Fields

Florida Revival, Lakeland and Prophet Paul Cain

Florida Revival at Tiger Town in Lakeland

Florida Revival Videos

Florida Revival Media and Highlights

Florida Revival The Lakeland Center

Holy Roller! – Revival in Lakeland, Florida

If you cannot make it to the revival here, view it at God.tv.

Todd Bentley has been a blessing in this area. The people of Lakeland, Florida have been a huge blessing in bringing their passion and faith to the forefront. Keep in mind how to take this revival to your own town.

13 Responses to Florida Revival News

  1. anne says:

    Can you give the address for prayers to go to the Florida Revival happening at the moment.

    Prayer Requests:
    Daughter Gemma to be delivered and set free from demons, schizophrenia, voices delusions fear and deception, all family curses and any other curses to be broken, especially freemason and witchcraft. For all of her organs to function normally and her reasoning power to come back.

    2) For son Caleb to work for God closer to home, to give up boxing and rugby, for any emotional infirmity and curses to be cast out.

    3) For daughter Sarah’s skull to be healed, acne to be healed and any other physical and emotional infirmity to be healed.

    3) For Rob and Isobel mother and father-in-laws to be saved. For Rob to have a heart of that of a healthy young man, Isobel’s teeth and arthritis to be healed.

    4)Mark and Lyn brother and (sister-in-law?) to marry and be saved and their children to be saved, and sanctified, and all to be freed of demons.

    5) For Ian brother in law to be saved and healed of all infirmities and demons.

    6) Patricia & Jeff Waddilive
    and their children to be saved, and all infirmities and demons to be cast out.

    7)For sister Lesley, brother Peter and all their families to be saved and Peter to be completely healed of stroke, and all family to be healed and curses broken.

    8)For a Mercy Ministries house to go up in Bunbury Western Australia.

    9) For our finances to grow, and business and work to prosper.

    10) For my vericose veins to be totally healed and to disappear visually as well, and my body to be working properly and all curses to be broken and to be set free.

    11) Husband Greg to be set free to have the curse of freemasonry broken over our family and any other curse broken including Jezebel spirit and witchcraft.

  2. Anne,

    try prayer@ignitedchurch.com.
    Also, you can send your prayers to us at prayers@christiancrunch.com!

    God bless, and keep flowing!

  3. graciela pugh says:

    please, pray for my ministery, I am a principal in a secondary school with many student with alcoholic and drugs problems.
    I need more and more faith.

  4. Please Pray God’s Spirit will move in Daytona Beach Communities and also every communiy across America. Lift CMTN Ministry great revival among the people pouring down from heaven.

  5. Hester Grovè says:

    Please pray for my mother: spondilitis in her back – a lot of pain! Also suffers from on going bladder infections and kidney stones.

    Bless you!

  6. We need a Rivaival in our City ASAP

  7. Please Pray for the FLORIDA GANG FREE AWARENESS ( Whole Month of NOVEMBER)

    Daytona Beach,Florida

  8. Remember CENTRAL FLORIDA CHRISTIAN RALLY in daytona beach,fl.As many youth will meet together as we celebrate 2009 Central Florida Youth Leadership Month.
    Mayor of Daytona Beach, County Chairman and our Governor have proclaim Youth Leadership Month Honoring Youth & Mentors Around the nation and those in other countrywho chose to join us on July 10TH.

  9. Hey There!

    Please listen to our interview live on WCGL 1360 In Jacksonville.


    Friday April 10TH

    Time 6:30 PM

    Show: Walking In Truth


    DATES: AUG 1-8

    PENASCOLA, FL 32405

    CALL: 1.888.526.4600 FOR MORE INFO

  11. Please pray for my family and my self that each day our spiritual strength be renewed. my sister and daughter would find spiritual husbands, my husband and sister in law would let their live be God controlled. Most of all thank God for the Blessings of health, strength, sound minds and jobs he has provided for my family.May he continue to Bless us in his special way. Pray for the ministries to spreed the word and save lost souls before judgment day. God Bless.

  12. We’re in desperate times, and we’ve got desperate people. And they’re looking for a quick fix, But all they’re getting is false hope.

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