Florida Revival Videos

The Florida Revival Videos with Todd Bentley in Lakeland, Florida will be huge for this revival. The videos are pouring in.

This is the time when viral video spreads information fast. Todd Bentley, Stephen Strader, and the attendees to the Florida Revival in Lakeland will be able to have unquestionable proof of the miracles of God that are happening to people.

Some miracles are instant. Some are progressive.

Here is the much-demanded Geraldo Rivera interview with Todd Bentley on Fox News about the Florida Healing Revival and Outpouring.

Prophet Bob Jones visit Lakeland, Florida with Todd Bentley for the Florida Revival and Healing OutpouringProphet Bob Jones with Todd Bentley in Lakeland, Florida at the Florida Healing Revival. They met at the Lakeland Center last night.

The Worship Leader in the Florida Revival, Roy Fields, with Dr. Rodney Howard-Browne and Adonica Browne in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The Florida Revival at Tiger Town Stadium (Joker Marchant Stadium) in Lakeland, FL.

Here are some of the highlights from the revival at The Lakeland Center.

Here is the healing video of the healing of a little girl whose elbow was healed. There are x-rays from the family. Below is the video when Todd Bentley prayed for the girl when the crusade was at Ignited Church.

Here is video of Todd Bentley praying for a lady at the Lakeland Center. He is bringing the “BAM!” back.

Video of Todd Bentley after the service, trying to figure out what God is doing in Lakeland, Florida.

After being prayed for at Ignited Church, a man with a broken back get’s healed!

11 Responses to Florida Revival Videos

  1. Phyllis Powers says:

    Amen, Amen, Amen!!!!! Praise His Holy & Blessed Name. The name that is above every name, ! At the mention of that name-demons tremble and evil must fee. In the last days God will pour out His Spirit on all flesh, that is what we are seeing all over the world. That is what is happening at “Egnite”!!! Thank You Jesus!!!
    I will pray that our Lord continue to bless you and bring the harvest in!

    In Christ, Phyllis Powers


  2. Bobbi Jeffries says:

    A fellow prayer warrior called me last night to say she was watching the service on tv and they said a girl in a morgue was being brought back to life. Warmth was beginning in her feet and legs. She called to say she was believing that for Zach May.
    Zach is a 26 year old lover of JEsus who, was diagnosed with cancer. After serving in Iraq where he met his wife. They returned and were married. In a matter of months he was diagnosed with cancer. He was told there was nothing that could be done locally and was sent to to University Hospital in Omaha, Nebraska where they were on the cutting edge of this type of cancer. For the last year he and his wife have been going back and forth and he has been through untold pain and treatments. We have prayed faithfully for his healing. He and his wife Dara, have consistantly looked to God, thanked God, sought God and pointed the way to God. Last Sat. Zach passed away. His viewing is Friday and funeral & celebration service Sat. I have prayed for God to raise the dead and believe He did, can and does. This is my prayer for this young man and his wife. There is so much more I could say that God has told us over this past year but obviously cannot do that here. We ask, since you are in the hot bed of a movement of God that you pray with us that this 26 year old man of God would be raised to the glory of God! Thank you and we will hold you in our prayers and God continues to pour out on you.

    Also, my prayer warrior friend, Violet, has asked that I ask for prayer for her also. She is 72 and a mighty woman of God. She wants her strength back in particular in her legs and knees. At this very moment she is cleaning a house for additional income. She knows God is able.

  3. […] Watch the video of Prophet Bob Jones here. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Florida Revival Media and HighlightsLakeland Center RevivalExtended Thoughts on Bob Jones…Patricia King of Extreme Prophetic on prophet Bob Jones […]

  4. Wayne Boyer says:

    I’ve read many sites where the Lakeland outpouring is [1] treated as ‘be careful’ or [2] treated as “Can’t be right.” Also there is a well known radio show that exposes error. – – – Well, you KNOW what they would say.

    But I have some personal connections to this “happening” and I’m very sure that this is legitimate, from God, and edifying for the work of the ministry. My wife went to Lakeland, and wants to return.

    The critics are usually doing that from a great distance. They DO NOT know Rory and Alec of GodTV, nor Rick Jorner, nor Bob Jones, nor James Goll, nor the Toronto pastors, nor the Ignited church pastors. The main contention for criticism has been very NON-SPECIFIC [except that radio show.] The vagueness of ‘problems’ would sound like “It’s not the right spirit” or “I disagree with the belief about angels.” – or “You can’t pray for people that way.”

    It boils down to nit-picking and “gift of suspicion.” They are ignorant that morning classes are given for evangelism, that people are hitting the streets in Lakeland and the cities where folks return to. Critism: this is no revival since there is no repentance and no evangelism. That’s totally false.

    The critics ignore the fruit. If my family member was raised from a wheel chair, or blind eye restored, or raised from the dead – then you can bet I’ll forget about a silly splitting of hairs.

    Todd may be right: there will come a time like Acts 5:11 where the believers take a very serious tone over the work of the Holy Spirit – because God is not mocked. Does the deceiver cast out the deceiver? No, the work of God, done through mere humans – IS STILL God’s work.

    Thanks for posting these videos.

  5. Latasha says:

    If it is God, I want it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. christina decker says:

    God is so awesome! I wish I could be there. People need to just have faith. The miracles are an obvious from God I mean he did create us. He healed my mitro valve prolapse. So that is proof.

  8. Marty Reese says:

    Amen!! God healed my chronicly bad back through a rerun of a Benny Hinn brodcast! God not only has a sense of humor but is absolutely still God, “the same yesterday, today and forever!” i don’t know much, but one thing i am confident in.. that God can do anything and will do everything according to His Word and our faith… So i will never put limits or walls around His Spirit, or put God in a box!!! Father Almighty in Heaven break us of our limitations so that You may reign on earth in Your Glory!!!!

  9. Marty Reese says:

    And also Lord God i pray loose the power of Your Holy Spirit for all those who are praying for healing and deliverance on this page… i come against every fear and doubt Lord and release Faith among all those that will receive.. in JESUS HOLY NAME!!! Amen!!

  10. Marty Reese says:

    If He created us He can surely fix us!

  11. Steve Dobbs says:

    We have to be very caucious about the gifts whilst not shying away from them. It seems though that almost every time a man/ministry is raised up high, higher than the rest of us, on the back of his gifting he either turns out to be a charleton or someone headed for a fall. All gloey should go to God who uses ordinary earthen vessels Im suspicious now every time a man starts getting or being given glory.

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