Jena Louisiana Revival

Jena Revival in Jena Louisiana at the Midway Baptist Church is on fire for God!True to our word to track revival in the earth, here is some rather unknown revival news:

Jena, Louisiana is in a powerful revival.

Yes, that same place that the Jena 6 racial division occured with Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson is now on fire. It is said that this revival is crossing racial boundaries and is in the same field that Mr. Sharpton and Mr. Jackson demonstrated in.

Another significant note is that this has been going on for over 7 weeks! That is longer than the Florida Revival has been going on!

The difference has been the fact that God Tv ( has been sponsoring the Florida Revival.

Send a call out to other local media in the Louisiana area and encourage them to cover the Jena Revival! This revival (across the globe) is becoming a media revival, and Jena and Morningstar and Atlanta and the UK and ALL the centers of revival are going to be covered in media!

Read the full article here.

2 Responses to Jena Louisiana Revival

  1. […] Sources say that this sovereign move of God is shaking Louisiana from its racial division, and so much more. Read more here. […]

  2. Gnullet says:

    But this revival seems lika a traditional baptist revival, and seems to have few similarities to the revival fire started in Lakeland. (it even started before the Lakeland revival.)

    With other words. This is a revival with focus on repentance, and not, in our pentecostal perspective focused on the holy spirit which the baptists has almost abolished.

    (sorry if my words are to strong. English is not my mother tongue.)

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