No Faith in the House

October 31, 2007

Can I ask a question?

You just did.

Thank you, wise guy.

Today I made a commitment to God that I would attempt to hear His voice, and if I thought I heard it I would act on it. The down side to this: I had not rallied the courage it would take to man up to His request.

I did this as a young Christian; impulsively act on what I thought I heard the Lord say.

But this morning, when He asked me to walk over and tell this one girl, a total stranger, that He loved her, I froze. I will tell you right here that I did not do it.

But here is the line of questions:

Do I no longer believe that it was Him, the Creator of the Universe? (If I really, truly, deep-down believed that God was speaking,  I would listen, right?)

Does fear outweigh faith in my life?

If I really had faith, would the miraculous not happen all the time? Would you not always be in uncomfortable situations where only faith could carry you through?

If we believed that God is who He said He is, and can do what He said He can do, wouldn’t we all be moving in the life that He said we could live?

And (here is the question I wanted to ask you) why can’t the leaders in our churches, ministries and fellowships admit that they do not believe that He is who He said He is?

I admit it! If God is true, and His word is true, and what He says about Himself and how we should be living is true, AND WE ARE NOT SEEING THE RESULTS THAT HE DESCRIBED, THE PROBLEM IS ME AND YOU! I admit that there must be a problem with us and our faith.

So, why can’t our leaders admit the same?