May 15, 2008

Prophet Bob Jones gives a word to the First Nations people in Lakeland, Florida at the Florida RevivalHere is the transcript from Prophet Bob Jones from the Florida Revival and Healing Outpouring in Lakeland, Florida.

Transcribed by Sandy Warner,

The following is the Word of the Lord through prophet Bob Jones
with Todd Bentley at the Lakeland Florida revival, 5/13/08 evening service, via God TV.


BOB JONES: “This is what the Lord would say to thee: Tell them of My way. What do I require of them this day, so that they may draw close to Me and stay that way continually? For I have come close to them this night. I brought the golden earring you see. And the awl was to pierce your ear to where you would ever be a love slave to Me. For I say those who are love slaves to Me will be the closest to Me you see. They will come and minister to Me. They will say unto Me how they love Me and how I am everything to them both night and day.

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Florida Revival The Lakeland Center

April 29, 2008

Who would have thought that bringing the Florida Revival and Healing Outpouring to the Lakeland Center would work?!

Why would I say that?

On Sunday night, the revival was running ~3,000 people at the Auburndale Life Church in Auburndale, Florida. Even though they turned away hundreds of people, were you ask me if we should move to The Lakeland Center in Lakeland, Florida, seating 8,000 people, I would have said ‘absolutely not.’

Why? Because the fact that a) most people will not come out on a Monday night and b) what if all 3,000 people show up and the arena still looks empty?

Well, I went. I got in, barely.

The Lakeland Center was PACKED to the ceiling. Every seat was filled. Every parking spot was taken up.

You NEED to check this event out.

I really believe that it has nothing to do with the people on the stage, but the hearts of the people are hungry for a move.

Check out I will be down there tonight again. Tomorrow I will be posting hotel locations if any of you are visiting.

Have a great night!