Supply and Demand of Evil

September 23, 2007

A speech on Supply and Demand of Evil

Why do so many men and women dedicate their lives to what is wrong with society? Why do we find so many people pointing out what is evil or wrong? So many individuals expel so much energy, they use so much of their creative power, to innovate what is wrong.

‘Men can’t be trusted. I don’t like my neighbor.’
‘Can you believe thus-and-so about this or that president?’
‘Society here in America is tilted toward the rich. ‘
‘What are we supposed to do; the economy is so bad.’

Why does this line of thinking glitch within me? Why does this line of thinking bother me so bad? Why do I turn off the television so fast when I hear reporters start in like this?

I tune this out because I already know! We already know that there are many things wrong out there! You and I know that there is something fundamentally wrong out there! And we know that it doesn’t matter what shape or size it comes in!

We know what is wrong with the economy.
We know what is wrong with America.
We know what is wrong with the world leaders.
We know what is wrong with us.

It is the innate evil in mankind that is wrong. And there is a massive supply of evil and wrongdoing in the world. We know this.

There is very little Demand for more evil.
There is very little Demand for more knowledge of evil.
There is very little Demand to flush out and find more evil.

We have an over-supply, and no one is demanding any more evil.

We don’t need it packaged it better. We don’t need the creative mind of man to put itself to a task of understanding or uncovering the vast ways of evil. I tell you, we have too much supply of that in our cupboards and pantries already!

What we have little of, and is in great Demand, is more good; so much more good!
What we have a great need for are the rare points of view of people who are good-finders.
What we have a great need for are the savory words of decent people, who flush out, not the evil that we are so filled to the brim and overstuffed with, but the decency in every man. We demand for men and women who flush out the vision and love and greatness of one another.
We need those who flood the market with honesty, gentleness, goodness and kindness.

And the funny thing about that which is good is that no matter how much more you serve it, no matter how much more you fill the market with it, no matter how much more you consume, develop, engineer, import or export it, the demand increases greater and greater!

This is because supply and demand are parts of the fundamental make-up of man. Men and women were made to give and supply something. Men and women are created to need and demand something.

That something is not the endless array of foodstuffs found in fast-food joints around the world.
That something is not distractions found in mass entertainment around the world.
That something is not news media emphasizing and serving up more and more and more evil!
That something is not what is wrong with the world!

That something is the Goodness that is above every man.
That something is the Goodness and rightstanding of our Creator.
That something is an eternal goodness that each and every woman crave and will never be full of.
That something fills my cup to overflowing by which I will never hunger or thirst again.

This is why no matter how much of it we produce, and share with one another, we can never over-supply the world with Goodness.
We can never produce and seek too much goodness.
We can never shut the door on seeking ways to multiply goodness in this earth.

Goodness is the Divine Demand of mankind. It is the true cry of men’s hearts when they think need more of something.

They are not craving more evil. They are not craving to fill their souls with the vile evil that they so often do. Goodness is so rare, like a famine in the land, that man will stuff himself with anything he can find, and all he is being served is evil.

Man is craving to fill himself with the Divine! Man is craving to stuff himself to overflowing with the love and kindness of God. Man is crying desperately, “Abba, Father!” If a son asks for a fish, will you give him a stone! If he asks for bread will you give him a snake? And you and I being evil, knowing how to give good gifts, HOW MUCH MORE does your father who is in Heaven know how to give good gifts to each and every one of you?!!

So, flood the market to overflowing. Pour out Goodness in abundance. This is the only commodity that can never be used up, and the price for such is soaring into the sky! Fill us to overflowing with the Goodness of God!!