Revival Testimonies

Testify here about what Revival is doing in your life! Your Revival Testimonies are powerful in that believers and unbelievers alike will only develop curiosity about the things of God by hearing testimony.

Has the Florida Revival in Lakeland, Florida been a blessing to you?
Has a revival somewhere else in the world touched you, or healed you miraculously?

Tell us about your miracle, your testimony, or witnessing below by leaving a comment!

3 Responses to Revival Testimonies

  1. Ann Thomas says:

    I was truely blessed to come to the revival meetings from Illinois. I have experienced God in a deep way and know I am changed, Its not the revival which I am excited to talk about but JESUS!! My desire to worship Him more and share Him more has greatly increased. Thank you for being obedient to the Lord. May those who come leave as True Worshippers of God in Spirit and Truth,
    For those who have questions as to whether this is of God, I hear the response of a blind man who in reponse to the questions of unbelieving Pharisees said, “where He is from I know not but this one thing I know , once I was blind now I can SEE” My desire before I went there was I wanted to be changed by this experience not wanting something fleeting but something that would change me and this one thing I know I am changed ! Glory to God!

  2. Jo says:

    I have been watching the God Channel from the UK
    My Mum kindly emailed a prayer request for me on Sunday night. I have been deaf in my right ear since I was 4 years old, when I was involved in a train crash. I was healed by Wednesday, I can now hear the God channel in stereo, thank you JESUS
    I wish I could go to Lakeland, the power of God coming through my TV and PC is amazing, it must be awesome to actually be there. I am so excited as to what God has got planned. I can hardly contain myself.
    Big Blessings

  3. Paul Warren says:

    Sarah Warren, Bath – Healing Testimony

    “Last summer I had my right foot fused together with metal, I was unable to move the ankle joint at all. I have been anxious because my 6 month check up was this week and they were going to inform about other surgeries I would need. On Tuesday (29th April) my brother Paul asked me to come and watch the things happening at the Todd Bently meetings broadcast on the internet. As we were watching the presence of God filled the room and I then heard a crack in my foot. Unsure as to what had just happened I just kept praying. Then it became loose and slowly it began to move! I can now move it up and down and left to right and all the way around (which should be impossible because of the metal).

    I then went to the doctors on Wed (30th April) and it was amazing. My surgeon had bought a student in to show them how a person with the surgery I had is effected. He said to the student “someone with this surgery can’t move there foot very much, but Sarah if you could just move it as much as you can” so I did, and he was speechless. He said “but I have just looked at your x-ray (taken that day) and you have a metal bolt going through your ankle you can’t do that, but you can!”. The student was really confused saying “so can someone with this operation move their foot?” my surgeon replied “no but Sarah can!”. My surgeon then informed me that from the x ray that got taken 3 months ago I was going to need 2 more surgeries, but from the x ray taken on wed it showed a healthy foot and I don’t need them any more. Then he said “normally people with this surgery are kept on my books for 3 years but I don’t need to see you any more ” its only been 6 months! I can now jump, run, bend my foot all the way around, wiggle my toes, and I am blown away by God. This week God has transformed my life”

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